2024 Colorado Teen Period Poverty Study

Our research explores the challenges faced by teenage girls throughout Colorado, illuminating the widespread issue of period poverty.

By collecting responses from 220 teens from varied environments including urban, suburban, and rural regions, the findings are startling and underscore the urgency for actionable measures in our state.

A key initiative is the legislation we’ve assisted in crafting, HB24-1164, intended to make menstrual products freely available in schools, showcasing a direct response to the challenges uncovered.

90% of female teens in Colorado have started their periods unexpectedly in public without proper period products.

Imagine the embarrassment and discomfort of unexpectedly starting your period in a public place without the proper period products.

80% of female teens in Colorado have missed class due to lack of period products.

Education is crucial, yet for 80% of female teens in Colorado, the absence of period products has forced them to miss valuable class time.

66% of female teens in Colorado have missed opportunities to participate in before/after school activities due to lack of period products.

Consider the impact of period poverty on extracurricular participation, clubs, sports, or studying with peers, and how it has impeded their personal growth outside of the classroom.

59% of female teens in Colorado admit to struggling to afford or access period products.

Teens often have little control over their finances to afford basic essentials themselves. It’s unjust having your education interrupted due to a natural biological process.

90% of female teens in Colorado can recall a time when they got their period and didn’t have products while at school or a school-related activity.

This situation puts teenagers into an uncomfortable position, highlighting a significant gap in our support for young women’s health and educational needs.

72% of female teens in Colorado used a substitution in place of regular period products in the last 12 months.

Hear from some of the teens who participated in the study:

“I think they should have machines in the school bathrooms so when we start our period we can just grab a tampon or pad from the bathroom instead of having to go to the nurse.”

“Period products should become more publicly available and without an added price in places like restrooms.”

“They should be available free in public places and they shouldn’t be taxed when you buy them.”

“I wish that my university had them available in all of its bathrooms.”

“Make them more affordable. Pads and tampons should not be priced like they are a luxury item. We also need more places for women in need to have access to period products.”

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