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Pink Tax

Pink Tax is the gender-based discrepancy where products marketed to women cost more than the same ones for men is known as the pink tax. (Dictionary.com)

In other words, women often pay more than men do based solely on their gender. This typically includes everyday hygiene products like razors, home health products, toiletries, and certain clothing.

Often viewed as a form of gender-based pricing discrimination, the pink tax can have a significant economic impact on women, particularly those who are low-income. It becomes a larger issue when families already affected by Hygiene Poverty or Period Poverty try to buy essentials for their families.

You can learn more about the pink tax and what’s being done about it by companies, individuals, and the government here:

The pink tax as defined by the media:

Until more companies and government agencies are willing to examine the pink tax, this article provides ways for you to avoid the pink tax.

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