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Hygiene and Period Poverty doesn’t only affect working individuals but also adolescents and teenagers. Families who struggle with hygiene and period poverty see a decrease in their children’s attendance and participation in school.

The costs on individual health and society may include a student having their learning negatively impacted due to an inability to access period products. For this student, the lack of products may contribute to absenteeism, or the habitual absence from school, and a lack of presenteeism, which is the inability to fully show up and be engaged.

Increasing access to period products in schools and other public restrooms helps to reduce period-related absenteeism, which can help to improve overall school attendance rates, leading to better academic outcomes for students.

“Offering free menstrual products increases school attendance amongst girls by 2.4%” (Advocate At Your School, n.d.)

How can I get period products into my school?

Aunt Flow has a created a step-by-step guide to get products and dispensers into your school

How can I get my period products at my workplace?

Aunt flow has created a step-by-step guide to get products and dispensers into your workplace.

Ending Student Hunger

The leading nonprofit addressing hunger among college students, Swipe Out Hunger partners with college campuses nationwide to end student hunger by promoting on-campus solutions, policy and advocacy pathways, and community building practices.

“86% of women have started their period in public without the supplies needed.” (Advocate At Your Workplace, n.d.)

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